Code of Conduct

Queer Prom Code of Conduct

  • Attendees are expected to dance in a respectable manner. Dancing that is inappropriate, overly sexual in nature, or creates unsafe conditions is not allowed. We reserve the right to make decisions on suitable dancing, and individuals who engage in the above-mentioned behaviors will be removed from the dance.

  • There will be no re-entry. Once an attendee exits the dance, the attendee must leave the premises.

  • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: flasks, sharp objects, perfumes, lighters/matches, water bottles, wallet chains, markers, weapons, suit chains, gum, eye drops, mouthwash, glass bottles, liquid items.

  • Any attendee found in possession or under the influence of drugs/alcohol, or demonstrating inappropriate behavior, will forfeit his/her/their evening of queer prom with no refunds.

  • All attendees must show a picture ID when entering the event.

  • All attendees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the event.

  • No one will be admitted after 9:30 pm.

  • All attendees must be picked up or have a mode of transportation at the end of the event at 11 pm.

  • All ticket sales are final, no refund will be given for unused tickets.

Anyone not following the code of conduct will be removed from the premises by SMSU public safety.