Safety Information

Queer Prom is meant to be a memorable night full of self-expression and fun! While we certainly want everyone to enjoy themselves at Queer Prom 2022, it is also important to remember that the safety of all prom attendees is our highest priority. A brief overview of how we are prioritizing safety includes:

  • having chaperones

  • requiring wristbands for different age groups

  • requiring wristbands to indicate an individual's feelings on photography

  • offering a sensory-friendly room during the dance

  • having a zero-tolerance policy for dangerous behaviors

Please read on to learn the details about our rules and safety guidelines for this event.

One thing that we will be doing to ensure a safe and enjoyable evening for all is to have chaperones at the dance. We have already vetted volunteers who will be present throughout the entire event.

Another way that we will be prioritizing safety at this event is by requiring wristbands to be worn to designate age groups. We recognize that inviting both high school students and college-aged people to an event could be cause for stress, so we will implement a colorful wristband system to ensure that appropriate and respectful boundaries can be maintained. High school students will wear wristbands of one color, and college-aged people will wear wristbands of a different color.

In addition to wristbands to designate age groups, there will also be wristbands to indicate whether an individual is comfortable appearing in photographs taken of the event. Respecting fellow attendees’ wishes about appearing in public photos is essential for this event to occur safely.

We will also be featuring a sensory room during the dance. The loud music and colorful lights that are often featured at dances can be overwhelming for some, so we will have a separate place available with comfortable seating and relaxation tools for anyone who needs a little break. If you have specific concerns about a particular type of light or sound that would hinder your ability to enjoy Queer Prom 2022, please contact Mx. Julie Walker, the SMSU faculty advisor for this event.

There will be zero tolerance for any behaviors that endanger attendees of this event. Examples of dangerous behaviors include (but are not limited to): harassment, inappropriate physical contact, and photography that does not respect our wristband policy.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to reach out to Mx. Julie Walker (she/her), an SMSU professor and the faculty advisor for this event: For more information, please see our Code of Conduct page.