Accessibility and Safety

Marshall Pride is committed to doing whatever we can to provide a welcoming, accessible environment for all Pride attendees. This page is a general overview of the accessibility and safety of our event.

Marshall Pride is in its second year, and we are still learning and improving. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to reach out to Thank you for your patience and understanding.


All Marshall Pride events will have volunteer security guards to help create a safe space for attendees. For minor injuries, we will have a first aid kit at the information booth.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Saturday night's drag performance at Brau Bros will be wheelchair accessible. On Sunday, all food vendors, tables, and booths will be accessible along a paved path in the park.

Nonbinary-Inclusive Bathroom

At the park, there will be a men's bathroom and a women and nonbinary people's bathroom.

Photography and Videography

We understand that being recorded or photographed at Pride is not safe for all queer and ally people. Therefore, there will be wristbands available for those who are okay with being photographed and recorded. We ask that all Pride attendees abide by our rule that those without wristbands not be recorded or photographed. Thank you!

Wristbands will be available at the information booth.