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Marshall Pride Drag Show
hosted by Miz Diagnosis

Hailing from the North Star State—this queen is your favorite bear in a dress! She’s been featured on NPR, V Magazine, and her parents Christmas Card! When she’s not on stage shaking her padded tuchus, she’s designing costumes, singing or breathing asthmatically! Please welcome—Miz Diagnosis! 

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Drag Performers:

JoJo Ventus

The Sexiest Skater Boy of the Twin Cities. Open up your senses to Jojo Ventus!

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Blair Kitsch

The Mystical Mess of Minneapolis and a psychiatrist’s worst nightmare, Blair brings all things fun, camp, and kitsch to the table, one depression nap at a time. 

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Pistachio Creampie 

Pistachio Creampie is a campy colorful goofball with a dark raunchy cream-filled center. She works the corner at the intersection of camp and fashion and is always delightfully confusing.

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Rose Nylon

Rose Nylon brings colorful and outrageous costumes paired with performances that can only be described as organized chaos. Be prepared to leave seeing something you’ve never seen before. The Mustached Mistake of Minneapolis, The They/Them that brings the mayhem, Rose Nylon! 

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Dakota Hunter

Dakota Hunter lives to break the standards and expectations of gender. As a member of the House of Love, they exude humor, angst, and sex appeal through every movement. You can catch Dakota Hunter producing shows for Fusion Cabaret while also shaking their assets across the midwest. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the show! Your Mystery of the Midwest - Dakota Hunter! 

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Melancholy (sometimes)

melancholy (sometimes) is the great depression of the Twin Cities.

Mrs. Moxie

Mrs. Moxie is a rural “Drag Country Housewife”. She resides in Northfield MN with her three dogs and loving husband who also has been involved with her drag career. Moxie has been doing drag on and off again for over 8 years but since the global pandemic she has catapulted her career. Now having her own monthly Game Nights and events at Imminent Brewing in Northfield. Her passion for others and kindness has been her mission her whole career. Being involved with the colleges is just one simple way she gives back to the community. However, she is also a play writer and producer for her many theater productions for the local theatre community. Along with being the small town’s Pride Season Personality south of the Twin Cities. Lexi D is Mrs. Moxie’s drag sister. Some call the two Peaches and Cream. They both have been working together for years and continue to bring smiles and joy to the public with their many talents.

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Lexi D

Ms. Lexi D is a drag Performer from Fergus Falls MN. Lexi has been doing drag for years. Known as the hometown hostess with the most ranging from karaoke, open mic night and her annual Halloween parties at the local bar. From dive bars to now a co producer, writer and lead persona in the rural drag scene communities Lexi D is a unique loving spirit. She is also known for her flirtatious ways, her quick wit, and possibly at times some flips and tricks. Lexi enjoys the audience but most importantly enjoys giving a safe space that is welcoming and helps the audience forget their trouble for one night.  Along with performing and all her other accomplishments she is also dear friends with her sister Mrs. Moxie. She states it has been a joy to be a part of the many great opportunities Moxie has brought to her. Theatre, writing, producing and continuing to work on her craft Lexi D is a force to be reckoned with!  

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Dixon Ice

Dixon Ice is a Drag King from the Marshall area who made his debut at SMSU's first ever drag show this past January. As a proud SMSU alumni, he was honored with that experience and hopes to bring some fun and genuine performances to his local community. Remember to be "Minnesota Nice" and let's get this party started with Dixon Ice. 

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Diamond Judd

Diamond Judd is a Drag queen currently living in Minneapolis, but she is originally from the Canby area and went to school in Marshall! She says, "I am so happy that I am able to take the opportunity to come back to Marshall and perform." Diamond works with the Ladies of LaFemme at the Gay 90s in Minneapolis, which if you don't know, is a fantastic show.

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