Past Grand Marshals

2021 Inaugural Pride Grand Marshall: Char Hmurovich

Char was the co-founder of PFLAG Marshall Buffalo Ridge having been an strong ally long before the group organized. She was a caring individual who spoke openly about tough issues and continues throughout her to teach others about those issues. Char was a courageous woman always willing to confront any issue or controversy though respectful conversations Her teaching, advocacy and mentoring for and with the LGBTQ+ community has led us to today’s open and visible celebration of who we are.

Vicky Brockman, Professors at SMSU, recalls that “Char’s presentations and passion for LGBTQ issues and social justice at SMSU is seared in my memory . She never refused an invitation to campus and invited herself! Our students were so grateful. Thank you Char and Rest in Peace.”

Darwin Dyce, former educator and community activist, shared these thoughts: “Safe journey dear Char. I recall your presence in so many MAPS actions. One in particular that brings a fond remembrance and smile is when you rented a popcorn machine so that we could put inspirational peace and justice quotes on each bag and gave them out to anyone who wanted popcorn. That took place on a beautiful summer evening at the Marshall bandshell. Your goodness continues to ripple into the future.”

We celebrate our friend Char with continuation of her good work.

-Written by Sue Morton, Community Organizer, Storyteller